Jets in viscous bubbles

How does it work ?

When a large bubble is introduced in a fluid, a jet can develop in the bubble. This jet can be strong enough to perforate the bubble and shoot out above the free surface. This study aims at understanding this jet dynamics. The following video presents an introduction to this experimental study :


The following poster, at the interface between aesthetic and science, combines experimental snapshots and explanatory text :

This poster has been awarded at the Gallery of Fluid Motion (2010) of the 63rd Meeting of the American Physical Society Fluid Dynamics Division in Long Beach (CA).

Associated article: Jets in viscous bubbles published in Physics of Fluids.

Creative video

The following video presents the studied system from a purely artistic point of view, the experimental sequences are presented using a soundtrack from the band "Team Ghost" :

This video clip has been produced by using the same experimental setup as shown in the video above. The same fastcam has been used (Photron SA-5) but here recording 7000 frames per second.