Marker chain method



Marker code structure 






To build the executable, just type make. The name of the executable is Shear.

This program does not need any external library. The library used to read the parameters file is included with the sources : it is contained in the parlib directory.

In order to use the software, you need a parameter file (s.par for instance), containing the physical and numerical parameters, 
and a file containing the initial shape of the free surface (file.init). 

Here is an example of parameters file : example.par.

Here is an example of initial condition file : example.init.

Output files.

Two types of files are produced by the program :
  • .xmgr files. They contain columns of real numbers, for instance the coordinates of the points on the free surface. Each set is ended by a "&" which allows xmgr or gnuplot to separate the sets.
  • .datb file. Popiplot can read these files.