I am an associate professor at Sorbonne Université, Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert, Paris, working for a better understanding of the stability of dynamical systems and structures. Whether they are large or small, rigid or flexible, in a gravitational or electrostatic field, periodically repeating in space or in time, why is it they sometimes collapse and sometimes not? And do we want to prevent this loss of stability or make the best of it?

With the help of students and colleagues, maths, computers and model experiments, I strive to answer practical problems like the dynamics of imperfect rotating machineries or the large vibrations of electromechanical systems at the nano-scale, or more fundamental ones such as the relation between geometry and mechanics in slender elastic structures, or the stability of dynamical systems whose evolution function periodically vary in time or space.

Arnaud Lazarus
Visiting Professor
Harvard University,
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
Bertoldi's group,
Pierce building, 328
29 Oxford street,
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

A curriculum Vitae, updated on 09/15/2023, can be downloaded [here].
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